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Hi there & welcome to Annie's Place. A place inspired by and named after my late Grandmother Annie. Somewhere I can be creative, and share my love for all things hand made. I like nothing better than sitting with hook & yarn, crafting something home spun & completely unique, or rustling up some yummy baked goodies. I live in a town with a beautiful embankment, situated on the River Great Ouse. You may know me as 'Colour-Heaven' on Flickr or 'CosyKitty' on Ravelry. Why not stop a while.....?!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Crochet Cushion Collection 2 & London Lights

Poor natural light had threatened to scupper my plans of photographing the second batch of crochet cushions. Undeterred I hastily piled them up whilst there was a glimmer of sun in the Autumn sky, and here are the results. Not great, but the best I could do.

I've crocheted up 14 cushions in total over the last 5 or so years, along with a bunch of other projects. I have SO many unfinished makes it's a joke. I just don't have the patience for long haul projects like blankets. Hence why I've only attempted a few, and as much as I LOVE crocheting, I couldn't sit all day doing it. Maybe it's because I am so slow, I don't know?!

Though I do feel a certain amount of pride when I see them all together like this. Knowing I am self-taught and still after all this time feel like a novice. Silly really. The best bit for me is receiving messages from people telling me they have been inspired to pick up a crochet hook because of something they've seen here. I LOVE that! 


In other news, I can't quite believe it's the last week of November! We have our local Christmas Lights Switch On tomorrow, which should be good fun. There's always a fantastic fireworks finale to welcome in the festive season.

I made a very last minute decision to head into the capital last Sunday for a mooch around the West End. I walked from The Houses of Parliament, up Whitehall, through Trafalgar Square to Picadilly Circus. Then onto the Haymarket, passed Her Majesty's Theatre where the Phantom Of The Opera has been staged for the last 26 years! Quite a run....

Then up Regent Street, breaking off for a wander through Carnaby Street where the lights were spectacular. I then hotfooted it onto Great Marlborough Street, and the famous Liberty department store. 

Onwards to Oxford Circus, and along Oxford Street, before turning around for the walk back. Phew, my little legs were given a workout that day!

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, but you get the idea I hope?!

Until next time
x x x x

Monday, 16 November 2015

Crochet Cushion Collection : Brights

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Halloween and Bonfire Night but a distant memory. I've witnessed some lovely fireworks displays over this last fortnight, first with Guy Fawkes then followed by Diwali celebrations. 

I have a head full of cold at the moment, and I'm feeling a bit bleurghh so I thought I'd cheer myself up by doing an impromptu photo-shoot of my colourful crochet cushions. I know many of you will have seen this little lot before, but hey any excuse to showcase them all together. For my own self-gratification of course, lol.....

I will do this in two parts, brights first :)

I have been desperate for a colour fix as the weather's been so very damp and dreary. Thankfully I have my Cable & Cotton string lights to brighten up the place. I'm also working on a Christmas gift behind the scenes that is monochrome, which is taking up most of my spare time. The yarn I'm using is dark and it can be a bit draining, but it'll all be worth it in the end. I'm quite excited to see what the recipient thinks of it. Only 5 and a bit weeks to wait.

I've also felt very depressed by everything that's going on in France. Utterly devastating! Why is there such evil in this world?

Crocheting is such a welcome distraction, and I am so thankful that I can escape every now and then into a basket of soft snuggly yarn.

If I can bring just a little ray of sunshine through sharing my colourful crochet makes, I'm happy.

I'll leave you with my favourite Christmas Ad of the moment, 
hope it makes you smile as much as it does me!

x x x x

Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn Love

Not much to say here today. My head is as foggy as the current weather. However, I am SO happy Autumn is here! The leaves are tumbling off the trees, an abundance of crunchy red, gold and green underfoot.  Such a wonderful sight. 

There's nothing remotely crochet related in this here post, but I thought it might be nice to share some snaps of my meanderings around my local area. We are lucky to have lots of gorgeous green spaces to enjoy in and around Bedford. Bedford Park is one of my favourites. A beautiful place, just a short stroll from the high street.

Once through the ornate iron gates you feel a million miles away. I pretty much had the park to myself that day, just the odd dog walker and cyclist passed me by. I was finally able to give my Seasalt wellies an outing too, a purchase I made back in the Summer sales. Very practical and very comfy.

The only spot that was busy was the Pavilion, right in the heart of the park. Brought back to life about 18 months ago, it's now one of the go to places in Bedford 'for a spot of brunch, lunch or afternoon tea'. It looks so pretty all festooned in bunting.

I walked around the park for a while, then headed back towards the centre of town. I always pass through the Victorian Arcade where there are some lovely independent stores. I'm looking forward to when it's decked out in all it's Christmas finery.

It was almost dark by the time I reached home. I'd baked a chocolate cake earlier in the day, so I put the kettle on, lit some tealights and cut myself a nice generous wedge. Yummy xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blockbuster Cushion Reveal

After a couple of months of fiddling and faffing around, the hexies and treble crochet stripes have finally been worked up into a finished piece. Hurrah! May I introduce to you my 'Blockbuster Cushion'. 

Those of you of a certain age will probably guess why I've called it this. For those who are thinking what on earth is she going on about, I shall explain. As a teenager back in the 80's one of my most favourite quiz shows to watch was Blockbusters. I would look forward to it every evening after school. The presenter Bob Holness was a fantastic host, and the premise of the game was to answer questions to complete a path across or down a game board of hexagons. Can I have a 'P' please Bob *chortle*, remember?

As soon as I started crocheting up my 3 round hexagons I immediately thought of that childhood TV game show, and so the 'Blockbuster Cushion' was born. I've been picking it up and putting it down over the last several weeks. Block by block and row by row it has all come together, in the most delicious palette of random colours. 

Once again, as with the Candy Pop Cushion I dipped into my stash of odds and ends, all different brands that sadly I cannot list for you. A mish mash of yarns that happily came together to create a very soft, very snuggly cushion. I will definitely make proper notes of brands, colours and weights next time I buy any new yarns, as I get so many requests for exact details.

Speaking of the Candy Pop Cushion, Stylecraft Yarns contacted me several months ago to express how much they loved it's colour and design. I was more than happy for them to take inspiration from my project to create something similar for other crocheters to replicate. They have released it as a free pattern here, if you would like to have a go. I am not directly involved, and receive no incentive for mentioning it here. I am hugely flattered however, and will be keeping a keen eye out for any Candy Pop creations that pop up around the web.

The light has been very poor here of late, therefore I struggled to get many good pics.  I'm so happy with it though and will have it in situ on the sofa right where I can see it. Feeling very smug with myself. Don't we all when we get something finished??  It's 20"x14", so a decent size. It's definitely one of my favourites. 

I hope you like it too...........xxxxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sunny days

What a difference a week makes! This time last week I was strolling along the esplanade in beautiful Weymouth, ice-cream in hand. Sun shining, happy smiling faces all taking in the last remnants of Summer warmth.

In stark contrast today is dull, wet and decidedly dreary in my little corner of Bedfordshire. How fortunate we were to be blessed with blue skies and sunshine throughout our jaunt to the stunning Dorset coast.  From start to finish we couldn't have asked for more.

We walked for miles along the coastal paths, passing the most fabulous sea front properties. I couldn't resist taking a snap of the stunning double bay-fronted houses. A girl can dream......

All that sea air really worked up an appetite, we were proper 'hank marvin'. Copious amounts of fish and chips were consumed throughout our stay, from the Old Harbour, Fish 'n' Fritz, and Bennetts on the harbour-side. All scrummy.

With children at school, the seafront was fairly quiet. Lots of coach parties of retirees were making the most of the peace and quiet. It was lovely to see the beach front vendors so busy, especially so late into the season. I imagine they were grateful for the extra trade the unseasonably mild weather had brought in. 

The low light every evening was sublime, bathing the quay in a golden hue. Our holiday home was afforded the most spectacular sunsets every evening too. We were truly spoilt. 

Back home, rested and ready for the Autumn now. Lots of cosy nights with my crochet are ahead. The Bake-Off final is tomorrow. Come on Nadiya....!!! x x x 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Heartfelt thanks

It has certainly been an emotional few weeks since saying goodbye to our precious Jamie-puss. Lots of tears have been shed, interspersed with smiles and memories of our beloved boy. He gave us 17 years of joy and happiness and we are sure we did the right thing in letting him go. Home is not the same without him there, but one day that void may be filled with another furry friend. We'll see......xx 

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the sweet messages of support you left. It has meant so much. I know many of you have suffered the same loss and can really empathise with how we are feeling. 

I celebrated a birthday a few days ago and will be off on a little break tomorrow. My parents have very generously paid for a few days away in Dorset. As some of you may remember I visited lovely Lyme Regis back in June. This time Weymouth is our destination. I can't believe the forecast for the coming week is set to be warm, dry and sunny! How fortunate are we? The last hurrah of Summer, even though the calendar disagrees. I am so looking forward to it......  

I'll leave you with a little snap shot of the hooky I'm working on at the mo. Nothing new or exciting really, just I've decided to make a cushion yes another one out of the hexies I showed you a while back. The reverse side will be rows of simple (UK) treble crochet in complimentary colours. I hope to show you the finished piece next time. 

x x x x x
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